Made to Order Puppy Series

Customisable puppies have arrived at aidie & jellybean!
We're excited to announce that our made to order puppies are now available for purchase online. These puppies have brought us so much joy to make and to see them find their new homes around the world is so rewarding. Each puppy is unique, no two puppies are ever the same and this is what makes them all so special. We have made two options available when deciding which puppy to bring home. There are standard designs for multiple breeds (with more designs on the way), or customisable designs based on your very own furry loved one. All puppies are available in two sizes. Whichever option you choose your new puppy will be lovingly made by hand. Customers around the world have written to us sharing many of their heartfelt stories of how the puppies have been gifted to loved ones, or in remembrance of best friends who have sadly past on. Hearing these stories continue to inspire our creations and bring happiness to the world of aidie & jellybean. 
Processing Time
Due to their very high demand the current processing time for all of our made to order puppies is 20 WEEKS. We understand this is a considerable waiting time and if the puppy is needed as a gift for a special occasion please do consider the 20 WEEK period before making your purchase. Thank you.